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We produce high-quality products for a variety of industries. Our products include options for most valvetrain systems, whether for conventional or for cylinder deactivation systems. GT Technologies also produces cam followers and hydraulic lash adjusters, along with rollers and axles. For a variety of applications including highway, off road and commercial vehicles. We have the capability to manufacture high-volume complex crown profiles. Our experts have experience with ceramic bearing materials and advanced coatings. Contact us today for all of your manufacturing needs!

GT Technologies Solutions

Our patented valvetrain designs for OHC & OHV engine applications achieve low mass, inertia, and friction targets to help you meet the increasing demands for fuel economy and emissions performance.

Industry know-how specific to a wide variety of complex stamped parts for roller finger followers, roller rocker arms, high pressure injector clamps and more.

Precision CNC turned parts developed specifically to suit our customers’ applications.

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Experience our manufacturing excellence for yourself. Our experts are eager to go the extra mile to be your turnkey solutions provider. Find out today how working with an industry leader in innovation and customer service can benefit your manufacturing and production needs.