Research & Design

Optimizing Your Components

We are a company at the forefront of innovation. We invest significantly in our research and development programs to ensure that we are using state-of-the-art technology, equipment, materials, processes and testing procedures. It’s our goal to continually develop leading technologies that will allow us to produce high-quality components.

We are proud of our dedicated effort to continually advance our solutions and end products. We source materials from only the best suppliers and hire the most knowledgeable and educated engineers. These research and development initiatives allow us to remain ahead of our competition in all aspects of the business.


Product design

Concept analysis & evaluation



Advanced metrology & materials

Westland Technical Center Capabilities

Our Westland Technical Center allows us to remain a world-class full-service supplier. Our technical center is home to 25 of our most talented engineering professionals. The center supports our product engineering design, analysis, metrology, metallurgy, prototyping and product testing capabilities.

Through our facility, we provide our customers with CAE & FEA, bearing analysis, SEM and 3D surface analysis, valve train development, rapid prototyping and durability rig testing. These capabilities allow us to be an industry leader in valvetrain systems.

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